ISWA and Avfall Norge Join Forces in the Clean Oceans through Clean Communities Project

14 Jun 2019 -

Vienna, 14 June 2019 - Avfall Norge, ISWA’s National Member in Norway, has approached ISWA to partner in the innovative project Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC), with the overarching goal of tackling the issue of plastic marine litter through the implementation of sustainable solid waste management practice locally. The project is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).


According to a UNEP report, only 9% of plastic waste ever produced gets recycled. About 12% gets incinerated, while the rest — 79% — accumulates in landfills, dumps or the natural environment. Poor waste management in low and middle-income countries significantly contributes to the quantities of plastic finding their way to the oceans. Investing in effective waste management in low-income countries is likely to represent the most cost-effective and immediate solution to reducing marine litter in the short term.


During the CLOCC project’s inception phase in 2019, Avfall Norge and ISWA will conduct a one-week long training programme in Indonesia about important and scientifically proven principles of local solid waste management planning to prevent plastic litter from entering the marine environment. Over the next few years several more trainings will be conducted globally.


The participants of these trainings will be selected from regions with substantial loads of plastics currently entering the marine environment and correspondingly where there is a great demand in improving their municipal solid waste management. The training programme will be targeted at policymakers, practitioners, and waste managers, to enhance their knowledge of marine litter issues, culminating in a waste management plan for the municipality they represent.


Sound waste management practices globally are the key to preventing and reducing marine litter, but we cannot create a unified front if low and middle-income economies are struggling to establish working waste management systems. By providing a tailor-made training, we are equipping decision-makers with a toolbox of realistic scenarios to combat plastic pollution in their own regions. ISWA is excited to be part of this project”, commented Arne Ragossnig, Managing Director of ISWA.

The project timeline will be announced soon.




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