ISWA Awards 2019 Announces the Winners in Three Individual Categories: Communication, Video and Publication

30 Jul 2019 -

Each year ISWA honours excellent efforts and creative ideas that increase awareness and promote sustainable waste management in three different categories: publication, video and communications campaign. ISWA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 contest, who will be presented with the Awards during an official ceremony at the ISWA 2019 World Congress in Bilbao, Spain.

ISWA Publication Award

This year the jury unanimously awarded the first prize to the book Sustainable Solid Waste Collection and Management by Ana Pires, Graça Martinho, Susana Rodrigues, and Maria Isabel Gomes. Dave Ross, one of the members of the 2019 judging panel, commented, ‘I would consider assigning this book as required reading for a class on SWM if I were a professor’.

The second prize was awarded to Christopher Clarke, Ian Williams, and David Turner for their paper titled ‘Evaluating the carbon footprint of WEEE management in the UK. The third prize went to the article titled ‘Changing times' written by Purva Tavri.

ISWA Video Award


Each year ISWA Video Award invites content creators to explore different themes in waste management. The theme of ISWA Video Awards 2019 is raising awareness of plastic marine litter among the general public.

Entrants were invited to explore the theme of plastic marine litter prevention in context of what can be done within their own municipalities in an original, witty way. Whether documentary, fiction, animation or a combination thereof - the decision about the film genre as well as the technical realisation was left up to the contestant.

A total of 21 of video entries were received, hailing from communities directly impacted by the marine plastic pollution, as well as from high-income economies, where the knowledge of plastic impact on the environment commonly ends with plastic leaving consumer hands.

The judging panel consisting of Carlos Silva Filho, ISWA Vice President, Paul Davison, Managing Director of Proteus Communications Group, Aneta Pawlik, ISWA Communications and Marketing Manager, and Daniel Purchase, ISWA National Membership and Communications Manager, overwhelmingly voted in favour of a video titled “Marine Litter”, prepared by Maria Perlado from Madrid, Spain.


The 2019 edition of ISWA Video Awards focused on citizen activation, encouraging individuals to research and pay attention to what they can do to in their own municipality to tackle the issue of plastic pollution. ISWA works closely with decision-makers, industry representatives and waste management professionals, but we cannot forget that any waste management system will fail if the communities it’s supposed to serve do not separate or dispose of their waste properly”, commented Aneta Pawlik. 

The 2nd prize was awarded to “Rapper Not Wrapper” sent in by Gabriel Stein from Las Pinas, Philippines and the 3rd place went to “Reality let's act NOW” by William Gonzalez from Hong Kong, China.


View the videos on the ISWA Video Awards page.


ISWA Communication Award


The ISWA Communication Award has been designed to recognise excellent Waste Communication Campaigns that increase public awareness and promote sustainable waste and resource management. Communications is an increasingly vital component in the industry as companies and governments look to improve public participation and raise awareness of the importance of better resource efficiency. As much as technology and, communication and education must play a key role in a sustainable integrated waste management system.

The awarded campaign is recognised at the ISWA World Congress. The award is open for participation for both ISWA members and non-ISWA members. This year saw 13 strong campaigns nominated from across the world for the judging panel.
The panel consisted of Carlos Silva Filho, ISWA Vice President, Tom De Bruyckere, ISWA Communications and Social Issues Working Group Chair, Paul Davison, Managing Director at Proteus Communications Group, Aneta Pawlik, ISWA Communications and Marketing Manager, and Daniel Purchase, ISWA National Membership and Communications Manager.

Despite the tough call, there was a clear and unanimous winner this year: “Wanted for Justice”, an initiative to tackle the issue of public littering in tourist destinations, public parks and beaches across Oman by ISWA’s National Member in Oman, Be’ah. The aim of the campaign was to ensure that people take a collective responsibility towards littering and to ensure that citizens take littering and waste tipping more seriously. The campaign activated substantial numbers through on the ground activities, but also through digital media.

The 2nd prize was awarded to “Recycle and Win” by Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment of Maresme, Spain. 3rd prize was awarded to “From trash to treasure” by the City of Rotterdam in Netherlands.


Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to everyone, who participated in this year's edition of ISWA Awards!



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