ISWA Publication Award 2013 - Results

12 Aug 2013 -

There were 10 nominations for the ISWA Publication Award 2013 and the judges found great difficulty in determining an overall winner due to the top-class level of and wide variety of subject matter covered by these submissions. However, a clear winner emerged when the panel was forced to make its overall choice.


The winner of the ISWA Publication Award 2013 is:


"An analytical framework and tool (‘InteRa’) for integrating the informal recycling  sector in waste and resource management systems in developing countries


by Costas Velis et al, published in WM&R, 30(9) Supplement, pages 43-66, Sept. 2012


The panel believes that this paper addresses an important area of waste management in developing countries, i.e. the informal recycling sector; and that it offers a practical framework for designing successful initiatives to integrate the informal sector into formal waste management systems.


Second Place:


Decision support models for solid waste management: Review and game-theoretic approaches


by Karmperis, A.C., Aravossis, K., Tatsiopoulos, I.P., Sotirchos, A., published in Waste Management, Vol. 33, Issue 5, pages 1289-1300


Third Place:


Managing the Global Waste in the 21st Century: As an anthropologist Views It


by Dipak R. Pant, published in LIUC Papers, N° 263, March 2013




The Judging Panel


A big thank you for their efforts goes to the members of the judging panel:


Mr Antonis Mavropoulos, Board Member and STC Chair

Mr Goran Vujic, Board Member

Mr Rodrigo Navia, Editor Waste Management & Research

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