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International Waste Manager Certification

IWM Training Week, Amman, Jordan
IWM Training Week, Amman, Jordan
The IWM Certificate
The IWM Certificate

In 2005 ISWA launched its certification on professional qualifications. The certification programme is designed to provide an internationally recognized certification for individual professional waste managers based on their academic achievements and their practical work experience. This certification is awarded at four levels:

  • International
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Technical

depending on how applicants meet the ISWA criteria.


To view the Register of IWM Professionals please click here


For more information on the IWM certification please view the brochure or contact the ISWA General Secretariat. The Application form can be found here.


Concerning the various payment options please note our Banking Instructions for International Waste Manager Payments.

How to become IWM Certified

Below is a brief summary of the application process. For more detailed information, please take a look at the brochure here. 

1. Make sure you meet the Entry Criteria

There are a number of means through which you can qualify as an IWM Certified Waste Manager. When preparing your application, please ensure it meets one of the following criteria before submitting:


  • You have a relevant diploma or Bachelors degree (or higher), plus 4 years practical work experience


  • If you do not have the academic background, at least 8 years practical work experience within solid waste management.

2. Be an ISWA Member

You can find out about the various different ISWA Membership categories and benefits via our membership page here.

3. Submit your Application

Complete the IWM001 application form, which can be downloaded here. 


The initial application review period is 6-8 weeks. If you pass this stage, you will be invited to prepare a personal report. At this point the initial registration fee of €50 is due.


Please note, we will not continue to process your application or review the personal report without payment of the registration fee. 


All applications are reviewed and we will contact you to clarify any details which may be missing. Please familiarise yourself with the application guidelines and ensure you stick to the word limits.

4. Attend an online Professional Interview

Following the review, you will be invited to the professional interview.


You should submit your final application and personal report at least six weeks in advance of your chosen interview date. The application deadlines and interview dates can be found here. 


For this, the final fee is payable (varies depending on your location). We will not inform you of your result until the payment is made in full. After which, you will be required to sign the ISWA IWM Code of Ethics form, along with an agreement to Continuing Professional Development.


Generally the interviews take place online via tele or videoconferencing software. If a group larger than 5 within one region or country are to be interviewed, we will endeavour to travel to the interview location (please note this may not always be possible).