ISWA Services

Participate in and benefit from sharing of Knowledge and Experience

ISWA Services

One of the cornerstones of ISWA is sharing experience, knowledge and information within its network of waste professionals. ISWA has amongst its members an enormous amount of expertise and knowledge on different aspects of waste management. This know-how covers technical aspects as well as social, economic and legal aspects. ISWA members and non-members can participate in this sharing of knowledge and experience through a number of different activities and products.

ISWA Publications

ISWA Publications

The Global Knowledge on Waste Management


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ISWA Education and Training

Education and Training

training programmes, study tours, summer schools, tailored training

ISWA’s objective is to promote and develop professional waste and resource management worldwide and to be the centre of expertise concerning sustainable waste management at the global level. An important vehicle ISWA uses to reach this objective is by providing comprehensive and effective Training & Education.


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ISWA's Ask an Expert Service

Ask an Expert

ISWA's "Ask an Expert" Service

This is a free service offered to ISWA members. Experts are available to provide information and advice on many aspects of waste management such as the operation of different plants and technologies; planning, policy and legislation; awareness raising; management of different types of waste etc.


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ISWA's Job Exchange Platform

Job Exchange Platform

Find the most qualified personnel in the waste management sector all over the world


The ISWA Job Exchange Platform provides companies and organisations with a highly targeted opportunity to find the most qualified personnel in the waste management sector all over the world.



If you are interested in a challenging new career in the waste management business or if you are looking for opportunities, simply upload an applicant profile.


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