Announcing the WOW! Advisory Network 2021

May 21, 2021 | ISWA news, Women Of Waste

We are honoured to introduce the leading female experts in waste and recycling supporting the Women of Waste Task Force:

Ieva Rucevska is a senior waste and gender expert, particularly active in ocean plastics pollution, at GRID-Arendal in Norway

Dr. Sonia Dias, the self-styled garbologist, a waste specialist with expertise in gender dynamics in waste, particularly at the informal level, at WIEGO in Brazil

Prof. Linda Godfrey, well-known in ISWA circles particularly for her work on the African Waste Management Outlook, with broad expertise in integrated waste management, and CSIR principal researcher in South Africa.

Meri Beth WojtaszekDeputy Executive Director, SWANA, expertise in SWM training, certification and well known in ISWA as the mastermind behind the 2017 joint ISWA World Congress in Baltimore, USA

Dr. Ruta Aidis lecturing expert on SME, gender and economic development at George Mason University and CEO at ACG Inc. in USA

The WOW! Advisory members are invited to provide support and technical input on the Task Forces’ activities, and we are delighted to be able to tap into the guidance and perspectives of technically and geographically diverse group of women experts.

At ISWA we know that women make a strong contribution to solid waste management: but from the global perspective, women still face very real challenges. The range of barriers to women’s full participation is broad: from a lack of well-fitting safety equipment to persistent bias in legislation, culture, and gender roles, to sexual harassment and physical assault at dumpsites. 

We look forward to collaborating with the Advisory Network as we work to take down these barriers and enable women to fully use their talents and energies for a sustainable future.


Read the latest article by WOW! Coordination Team Expert, Delila Khaled (Global Bio Fund): “Can Investing in Women Save the Earth?”  for insights on the progress made so far, and the persistent challenges still compelling us!

About WOW!

Women of Waste was created by women to advocate and spotlight women’s work and achievements in the circular economy and solid waste management sector.

WOW! explores the link between gender and sound waste management and resource recovery systems; improving waste management overall by empowering women in the sector.
Led by a technically and geographically diverse group of women experts, WOW! activities are based on scientific evidence and best practice solutions

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