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Climate Change and Waste Management

The Working Group on Climate Change and Waste Management (WGCCWM), recognising that Climate Change is one of the most important global environmental issues facing our planet, advocates that the waste sector has a very important role to play. The Waste Sector has the option to be a net GHG reducer and many actions on how to achieve this have already been identified by the WGs predecessor the Task Force on Climate Change. The WG continues on from where the Task Force stopped. The WG on Climate Change and Waste Management is focused inter alia on conveying the message that sustainable waste management and recycling should be included in future international agreements (including NAMAs; extension of current Kyoto project mechanisms; new market mechanisms; sector approaches; access to funding…).

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  • Exchange of information and experiences.
  • Potential collaboration on projects. (i.e. research, papers, reports).
  • Networking.

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Introducing CLOCC to ISWA’s Network

Introducing CLOCC to ISWA’s Network

Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC), an initiative by Avfall Norge with ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) as implementing partner, came to life in 2018. We are supported by Norad (the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation), with a budget of 40 million NOK from 2018-2022, and is a part of the Norwegian government’s development programme to reduce marine plastic pollution and microplastics.

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