Circular Economy Development Indicator by Pakhomova and Rikhter

Jun 13, 2023

It is based on Ellen MacArthur’s theoretical model of circular economy and aims to create closed supply chains for individual agricultural and industrial processes, such as maintaining, reusing, recovering, and recycling measurable amounts of products and waste in industries and in the agricultural sector, it includes composting, anaerobic fermentation, and producing biochemical raw materials.
The things needed to compute the circularity of industrial and agricultural processes are-
L = volume of products that have undergone technical maintenance (tons or monetary units).
R = volume of re-used products (tons or monetary units).
M = volume of recovered products (tons or monetary units).
C = volume of recycled products and wastes (tons or monetary units).
CEDI, the index, provides an understanding of how well the economy is transitioning from a linear to a circular economy. The higher the index, the better the transition.
The CEDI is calculated as per the formula below.
CEDI = (L ∙ i1+ R ∙ i2 + M ∙ i3 + C ∙ i4) × 100%/W

IMPLEMENTATION- The formula can be implemented in industrial and agricultural practices in a city.


The link to the paper can be found here- CEDI