Circularity Indicator by Zore

Jun 18, 2023

This indicator is based upon the Material Circularity Index and is a simplified version of MCI focusing on material and energy circularity.

The values needed to calculate this index are the total amount of feedstock in the production system of a product and the amount of recycled, recovered, or reused feedstock.

The value will give the percentage of circularity in the system, which tells how circular materials and energy are in a product’s supply chain.

F= C/T x 100%
F= circularity of raw material
C= circulated feedstock in the system
T = total feedstock in the system

Similar formula can be applied to calculate the circularity of energy (heat, cold, or electricity) in the system.

F= R/T x 100%
F= circularity of energy
R= reused energy in the system (Here renewable or waste to energy)
T= total energy feed to the system

The source of the paper can be found here CI ZORE