Consumption Inefficiency Index

Jun 16, 2023

The input values needed to calculate this model include:
The population of the city and country
Annual consumption of food, glass, textile, paper, and plastic

The annual CI index of each major product group is estimated based on a ratio of final waste collected for disposal to overall consumption. The more waste generated, the higher the index would be (ranging between 0 and 1).


CI= total waste generated per year (for one product)/total consumption of product (one product category) per year

  1. Annual was generated per product is calculated through a material characterization study for the country.
  2. The annual mean total consumption per capita per year of the city is calculated below:

MCi (city)= MCi(Country)× Pwi (city)÷ PWi (Country)
MCi (whole country)= mean consumption per capita of the country of a product group “i”
Pwi (city)= Percentage of waste from a product group “i” in the city
PWi (Country)= Mean percentage of waste from a product group “i” across the country

The study attached here CI provides an example of the calculation of the CI index for the city of Bangkok in Thailand.