ISWA Welcomes SCS Engineers as our Newest Gold Member

Mar 22, 2024 | ISWA news

ISWA is delighted to welcome SCS Engineers as our latest Gold Member.  

SCS Engineers has been an ISWA Silver Member since May 1998, and have now upgraded their membership to Gold. ISWA is proud to have the continued commitment of this long standing member.

SCS Engineers® is an environmental consulting and contracting firm serving public and private clients across North America and globally. As proud ISWA members, their environmental engineers, consultants, and scientists design and implement solutions for reducing energy consumption, carbon reduction, land remediation, wastewater treatment, and waste management. Their environmental compliance expertise supports their clients in maintaining the quality of our planet’s soil, water, and air while operating more efficiently as they deliver products and services. See their work at About 

SCS Engineers realizes the benefits of engaging and networking with our ISWA membership base worldwide and how it is opening young professionals’ visions for their career development. As an ISWA member since 1998, we’ve upgraded our membership to encourage more SCS Young Professionals to join the working group activities that impact countries worldwide. Waste management is about people, about us at ISWA; together, we are helping to change the world’s view on waste management and positively impacting climate change.  

It’s time to act now; don’t waste a minute!

James Law

Vice President, SCS Engineers

ISWA membership is open to individuals and organisations from the scientific community, public institutions and public and private companies from all over the world working in the field or interested in waste management. As the only worldwide waste association with members in 110 countries, ISWA allows you to network with professionals, companies and institutional representatives on a global scale. ISWA’s unique mix of members spans the whole waste sector for the promotion and development of sustainable waste management across the world.

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