#ISWAatIFAT: A week full of reunions, connections and future prospects

May 24, 2024 | IFAT, ISWA blog, ISWA news, YPG

Rae Chwee

Rae Chwee

Membership Engagement Manager, ISWA

As IFAT 2024 ends, marking the end of a long and fruitful week filled with exciting interactions and memorable moments. I am so happy that I connected with our members and partners again at this international event. Here is a quick look back at some highlights from this incredible event.

ISWA YPG reunions

During the week, one of the most heartwarming moments was the brief reunion with some of the ISWA Young Professionals Group (YPG) members. I connected with the previous chairs of the ISWA YPG Dr Andrea Winterstetter, Roland Thompson, Daan van den Elzen and the current Chair Haniyeh Jalalipour. This brought back so many fond memories of my time as the YPG Chair in 2020, a period that was rewarding and challenging.

Sweet encounter with ISWA members and partners

ISWA was also visited by our vast variety of members including National members from Singapore (WMRAS), Malaysia (WMAM), Germany (ReTech), Saudi Arabia (MWAN), Oman (be’ah), China (CAUES) to name a few. We were greeted by the Malaysia delegation which included some key waste players in Malaysia which was very sweet as I got to meet with old colleagues from my home country.

We had visits not only from National members but also our organisational and individual members, including members from NAUE, Hitachi Zosen Inova, JONO, Sensoneo, Allision Transmission, Fachverband Biogas, ECONWARD, SIRC, Beeah Group, MARTIN GmBh, WEHRLE, Sartori Ambiente, AMCS and many more. During the week, AMCS, NAUE and Sotravic hosted some nice dinners for some of the ISWA GS, which helped strengthen the bond between our organisational members and ISWA GS.

Networking fun

In addition to seeing familiar faces, I got to explore possible new partnerships with visitors interested in knowing more about ISWA. Aside from that, some colleagues and I had some light-hearted fun by visiting neighbouring booths with networking drinks. These moments of camaraderie and enjoyment are what make events like IFAT so special.


Again, IFAT is a great platform for industry players to meet, network and reconnect. I was sad to say goodbye to our members, but I do look forward to seeing everyone again real soon at the ISWA World Congress in South Africa.


Till next time!

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