Kwankamol Chittrakul at the ISWA-SWIS Winter School 2022: Summer Edition

Jul 29, 2022 | Uncategorized

Waste management has never been easy in any circumstance. Yet the pandemic struck, and new challenges came into context, waiting for a creative solution. I decided to join the ISWA-SWIS winter school 2022 to explore new  possibilities  in  tackling  the  urgent issue of marine plastics pollution, which is a part of the waste management problem.



My name is Kwankamol Chittrakul, a civil  engineer  from  Thailand  who  has  been selected to participate in this year’s program. Traveling across  the  world  to  Arlington, Texas, I have a wonderful experience with all my new friends over two weeks. We started the program with intensive pieces of  training  about  landfills  with  the  landfill  visits. Seeing the entire working face, I got to learn about various ongoing projects in different landfills. The takeaway message I learned was how important a feasibility study is and the fact that there is no single perfect solution to all the problems.

Each day, we also had interactive group discussions, which allowed  us  to  apply  what we had learned to an actual project. My teammates and group leader, Sabrina, are excellent people from worldwide. I love the atmosphere while working with  them. We shared knowledge, presented, and  came  up with solutions to solve the problems in waste management in Bangkok, the  city  I  came from.

Apart from studying, getting to know more about Texas was also essential. So, every day after the class, we did a lot of activities, including a baseball game, exploring the neighborhood, and shopping. Thanks to Summer, we were granted extra time for all this fun!


Not just landfills – Sustainability matters.

One week passed, and the weekend was our free time. We went to see authentic Texan life in Forthworth and  historical  sites  in Dallas. Week two  began  with  a  theme change, focusing on sustainable waste management. Learning about waste management  practices  from  different  parts of the world was eye-opening. Moreover, I found that many projects presented in the class had the potential for business opportunities. During the course, the atmosphere was perfect for knowledge exchange since people always  be  skeptical and thrived on learning more. The speakers were also keen to  discuss  their  topics, so they welcomed every inquiry.

Lastly, we did a presentation for our group project when the program was about  to come to an end. Thanks to our superb teamwork, we finally won the best project award! On our last day, we had a gala dinner to say goodbye to these precious past two weeks in which everyone came in their national custom. The  performances  of  all the team were masterpieces. The following day, we parted with smiles, knowing that as long as we were connected, the world was never too big for us. Tackling the waste issue is still as complicated as it be, but with the network we have, we can definitely make a change.

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