ATEGRUS® is the Spanish Technical Association for Waste Management and Environment, a non-profit making organization, created in 1974.

The main objectives of the association are:

– To put together all parties involves in environmental management, circular economy and sustainability, in order to join efforts and criteria

– To establish a joint co-operation among equipment manufacturers, service companies, engineers and technicians in order to share experience

– To contribute to the progress and update waste management, environmental and public cleansing techniques

– To stimulate research, statistics, training and public awareness

– To get in contact through co-operation agreements with those organizations and national and international associations related to the environment and circular economy.


We focus our activity on the protection of the environment, resources and sustainable development.  We work from permanent attention to the latest processes, technologies, legislations and needs, since only the Circular Economy will allow us to face current environmental problems and achieve a more sustainable environment.

ATEGRUS aims to promote and boost progress and innovation in processes related to waste treatment and environmental conservation, facilitating all its members to evolve based on continuous improvement, moving towards excellence.

More details in our website:

C/ Costa, 12-14. 7º Drcha.

48010, Bilbao