The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is an organization of more than 10,000 public and private sector professionals committed to advancing from solid waste management to resource management through their shared emphasis on education, advocacy, and research. For more than 60 years, SWANA has been the leading association in the solid waste management field. SWANA serves industry professionals through technical conferences, certifications, publications, and a large offering of technical training courses.

SWANA is now the largest member-based solid waste association in the world, with 47 Chapters in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. SWANA is the United States National Member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and participates in and supports ISWA events and programs.

Our prominent and nationally acclaimed technical conferences and training programs cover all aspects of integrated municipal solid waste management, and the association is a major policy and technical representative of solid waste management practitioners, executives, companies, and government organizations.


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