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Oct 8, 2020 | ISWA blog

Carlos RV Silva Filho’s First Presidential Address:

"Life is made of memories and achievements, it???s what we take with us as our personal assets that cannot be stolen or taken, no matter what happens.
This moment for me is one of those episodes in life which is built from memories. It has been 15 years of active participation in ISWA: I became a member in 2005, then assistant to the Board Member Alberto Bianchini when he was elected in 2007 (in fact I was a translator and facilitator to him, but learned a lot during that period); elected as Latin America RDN Representative in 2013; and then Vice President in 2014.

During this period it has been possible to understand the whole functioning of the association, follow its move to Vienna and then recently to Rotterdam, support several activities, one I am proud of is the foundation of the YPGs, and most importantly: make several friends.

It would not have been possible without my family. Talita, Carlos and Sofia, together with my parents, were instrumental for this progress, with comprehension, incentives and unselfishness. They are my safe harbor and my refuge, lifting me up in all times.   

Now, with the full support from my wife and children, I???m proud to receive the ISWA Presidency from my friend Antonis and continue working with the ISWA family. I also wish to express my gratitude to ABRELPE???s Board our National Member in Brazil, specially to Alberto Bianchini, who brought me first to Abrelpe and then to ISWA.
We are living a time of uncertainties, the Pandemic has hit the whole world without mercy, affecting people???s health, several businesses and the economy.
For me, what these times have taught, is to have courage and hope, seeing how adaptable we, as a species, are. When faced with a generational challenge, people have pulled together. The vast majority of the world has come together as one.
Here one word comes to mind: Cooperation. An association is only possible through cooperation. Goals are easily reached and challenges are overcome through cooperation.

The history of ISWA is a history of cooperation. Our association started its activities as a result of cooperation between two different associations. Even our logo denotes cooperation: the flower chosen to be the ISWA logo and symbol is really unique: each Daisy flower is actually made up of two separate flowers that blend together to form one lasting bloom. The center petals are one flower surrounded by the ???rays??? of another flower. It expresses Cheerfulness; Perseverance; Happiness and Enlightenment; Hope and New beginnings.

This is exactly where we are, creating a new beginning. We see that the world can change, behaviors can change, and people can adapt.

We have an enormous opportunity for ISWA and our members. We are part of a non-stop industry. Waste management is essential during regular days, and it???s even more essential during crises. It???s one of the protagonists for the recovery and future development.

Waste must not be seen as an undesired result of human activities, but as a resource for the most diverse purposes. Waste must not be a source of pollution. ISWA will not fall behind as a business as usual organization but will be a step forward identifying trends and new opportunities towards a better world.

>> Pollution is a winnable battle <<

ISWA is prepared to lead the recovery and the change observed during the most recent times standing out like a Beacon. Our Working Groups and Task Forces have been researching for better solutions. We have to deal with new themes and to find innovative answers to old themes. ISWA is a Science based institution, and science comes over fiction. Science comes over fake news. And thus we must be heard. By putting together a coherent message, and speaking with one voice, we too can improve the planet for each one of its inhabitants.

During the coming years, together with the Board, the Managing Director, the General Secretariat Team and our members I will work hard to raise awareness about ISWA???s cause, promoting recognition of ISWA???s roles and activities.
As I???ve mentioned during ISWA???s 50th Birthday party: There???s no coming back, there isn???t a ???new normal???. There is only one NEW FUTURE, to be created by us. The post Covid era is green and sustainable!

So with great honor and humility I accept the nomination for President of the International Solid Waste Association looking forward to working with each one of you to fulfill our mission."

More About our New President:

  • Attorney at Law post graded in Administrative and Economic Regulation Law.
  • Working with Waste Management since 1999.
  • ISWA member since 2005 as the National Representative of ABRELPE – Brazilian Association of Waste Management Companies, ISWA National Member in Brazil.
  • Latin America Regional Development Network Representative from 2011 to 2014, and ISWA Vice President from 2014 to 2020.
  • Founder of the ISWA Young Professionals Group in 2013.
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the Global Waste Management Outlook and for the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Waste Outlook, developed by UN Environment.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Coalition for the progressive Closure of Dumpsites in Latin America and the Caribbean, coordinated by UN Environment Regional Office.
  • Dedicated to several international projects to promote better waste management, dealing with Closure of Dumpsites; Mitigation of GhG emissions, Marine Litter, Planning and Regulation, among other topics.
  • Author of the book "Solid Waste: what the law says??? and several articles about the subject.

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