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Aug 5, 2021 | Hazardous Waste, ISWA blog

Everyone, everywhere has the right to a healthy environment. This is non-negotiable to the future we want. We stand united for a fair and chemical safe future.”

Inger Petersen

Executive Director, UNEP

The environmentally sound management of hazardous waste is one of the key areas which will help reach the goal for a healthy environment for all, and it is part of the targets under SDG12 on Sustainable Consumption and Production. 

Nevertheless, there is a huge gap between the different regions of the world and specifically between low-income and high-income countries in terms of availability and accessibility to the appropriate treatments for hazardous waste. 

In order to provide adapted solutions, it is necessary to first map the current situation in the different regions of the world. The 3 areas where the mapping will help at shaping these solutions are: 

  • the production of hazardous waste generated by domestic economic activities, 
  • the current hazardous waste treatment infrastructures, and 
  • the current hazardous waste management policy and related legislation. 

ISWA’s Working Group on Hazardous Waste invites you to participate in the survey on hazardous waste production, treatment & legislation, intending to gather the relevant information which is, for the most part, lacking today in these 3 areas. 

Your contributions from the field are of utmost importance to map the current situation to appropriately address the gaps. 

This survey is a first step towards reaching the target of developing sound management of chemicals & waste under SDG12, globally and inclusively. 

The survey is divided into 3 independent parts. Consequently, you are not obliged to answer all three parts – you may choose to respond to the parts that are more relevant to your expertise. Of course, answering all three parts would be appreciated.

The first part covers generic questions, the second part focuses on hazardous waste production and treatment and the third part addresses the legislation. 

It might be easier to prepare the answers in advance before filling out the survey online in order to have all information ready. You will find the 3 parts of the survey in a PDF format below, as well as direct links to the Google Forms.

When you are online, you can stop whenever you want and your answers will be saved. At the end of each section you have the choice either to continue or to stop. If you stop, your answers will be submitted to us and saved. You will receive an email which should be saved. When you have time to come back to the survey, just click on “Edit response” via the email and you will come back to the survey at the beginning of the part you stopped at previously. 

If want to share your expertise regarding the hazardous waste management situation in your country, please answer the survey and let us know you did by sending a message to Alan Encinas:

Google Forms

Fill in the survey directly. Save your responses as you go.

PDF downloads

Download the survey to prepare your answers beforehand.

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