The Waste Management & Research Awards 2022

Dec 20, 2022 | ISWA news, Waste info, Working Groups, YPG

The “WM&R Best Paper Award” was introduced in 2015. It is an annual prize awarded to the most influential paper contributing to the current Impact Factor that is based on citations and quality of research. The WM&R Editorial team selects the award winning paper. The WM&R Best Papers are available for free download on the WM&R website. This aims to incentivise authors to submit high-quality research to attract more citations.
For 2022, the Editorial Group awarded the “WM&R Best Paper Award” to Federica Ruggero, Riccardo Gori, and Claudio Lubello for their article, Methodologies to assess biodegradation of bioplastics during aerobic composting and anaerobic digestion: A review.
While in 2016, the “WM&R Rising Star Award” was introduced to recognise a paper showing strong early citation performance. SAGE can showcase the Rising Star Award-winning paper on the journal website to attract additional citations and increase our Impact Factor over the subsequent two years.
The 2022 “Rising Star Award” winners are Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee and Nadi Serhan Aydin for their paper, A sustainable medical waste collection and transportation model for pandemics.
As the peer review process is getting more intensive, the journal continues to appreciate reviewers’ efforts with the “Best Reviewer Award”. The 2022 “Best Reviewer Award” winners are Navarro Ferronato and Abhishek Awasthi.

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