Unveiling Waste Management’s Hidden Narrative: Insights from the ISWA Working Group on Communication and Social Issues

Jun 14, 2023 | Communication and Social Issues, ISWA blog, ISWA news

Essam Al-Sharji

Essam Al-Sharji

Chair - Working Group on Communication & Social Issues

Welcome to our blog, where we take you on a captivating journey through the recent two-day meeting of the ISWA Working Group on Communication and Social Issues in the enchanting city of Lisbon, Portugal. This gathering of waste management professionals aimed to address the communication challenges and social issues faced by the industry. Let’s delve into the highlights and invaluable insights gained during this transformative event. 

Day 1: Aligning Actions, Empowering Change 

The meeting commenced at the esteemed Valorsul Headquarters, providing an ideal setting for fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing. The day kicked off with a warm welcome from our generous host who made us feel like home. We couldn’t hide the excitement of having the first official (in-person) meeting after the “Covid era”. 

The updates from the ISWA General Secretariat enlightened us. The group immersed themselves in discussions, aligning their activities with ISWA’s overarching goals, ensuring their efforts create a positive impact on the waste management landscape. 

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of affairs, the participants delved into the results of a recent survey filled out by working group members. This survey served as a compass, guiding them toward the prevalent gaps faced by the working group. With these realizations in hand, the team shall use its collective intelligence to develop plans of action. 


Moreover, esteemed presenters took rounds in sharing their expertise and shedding light on various aspects of waste management communication. Topics included effective communication strategies, successful initiatives, and innovative approaches to waste recycling. The day concluded with a captivating visit to Valorsul’s Waste-to-Energy plant, offering participants a firsthand experience of sustainable waste management practices and cutting-edge technologies. Don’t miss out on their comprehensive and beautiful virtual tour on their website.  

These visits emphasized the importance of efficient waste segregation and highlighted the latest recycling technologies. Witnessing the meticulous processes and witnessing the remarkable strides made in waste management left a lasting impression on all. 


And to be really honest, it is difficult to comprehend the scope of such activities until you are up close and personal with some massive apparatus that seems like it belongs in a “Transformers” movie. 

The echoes of expertise and friendship resound as we said goodbye to Lisbon, promising a better future for waste management and the communities it serves. As we continue to reveal the hidden story behind waste management, enabling change, and promoting collaboration on a global scale, stay tuned for further updates and a thorough summary of Day 2. 


Continue to follow ISWA and work with us to create a sustainable future!  

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