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14 June 2021 @ 9:30 am

Financing Sustainable Waste management and the Way to a Circular Economy

Note: this is an ISWA-members only webinar

During this webinar ISWA’s EU Group will touch upon the financing of sustainable waste management and the way to a circular economy.

Circular Economy is not only one of the new buzzwords of our decade, but worldwide businesses and societies are working to make the way we live, work and produce more circular.

This work is also happening in waste management, changing waste management systems to a resource management sector where as many valuable products as possible stay in the economic circle. This does not only need new technical approaches, but also changes in financing and in the way we give monetary value to waste.

The European Commission has focused on “green financing” the European economy since several years including the waste management sector but also ISWA focuses on this topic.

Join us for this EU focused webinar to hear the status and the future developments of sustainable financing from the responsible desk officer within the European Commission as well as the Chair of ISWA Scientific and Technical Committee who is leading a respective ISWA project.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Hans-Christian Eberl – European Commission
  • Björn Appelqvist – ISWA EU Group – Ramboll


14 June 2021 @ 9:30 am