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May 6

WGRWM Meeting and Mini-Conference on Textiles

ISWA Working Group on Recycling and Waste Minimisation heads to Finland for a mini-conference, working group meeting and study tour – all in one!

The 2024 physical meeting of the ISWA Working Group on Recycling and Waste Minimisation, on May 7, 2024, 12:30-17:30, is being held in combination with a mini-conference on Textile Re-use and Recycling on May 6, 08:30-17:00. On the morning of May 7th, from 08:30 to 12:30, participants in the mini-conference and/or the WGRWM meeting can choose either a study visit on textile collection, sorting and recycling that starts at 8 am (at an additional cost for the bus), and a half-day workshop on socially and environmentally sustainable export of textiles.

Stay tuned for registration and participation!


(Subject to change. All times are GMT+3, Helsinki time)

Sunday May 5th evening Arrival to Vantaa, self-paid dinner, venue to be announced
Monday May 6th 8:00 am Registration at AFRY . Coffee and Pulla offered by AFRY
Mini-conference Morning. 8:30 am Recycling in the EU — pressures, progress, policies, permissions and politics
Welcome, Agenda for the day 8:30 -8:40 Ms. Varpu Näsilä, AFRY Representative to the WGRWM

Dr. Anne Scheinberg, Chair WGRWM

Keynote: Tying ourselves in knots: Challenges of the EC’s plans for textile recycling 8:40-8:55 Senior Scientist Dipl.-Ing. Dr.Andreas Bartl, TU WIEN, Research Unit of Mechanical Process Engineering and Clean Air Technology, former vice chair, WGRWM
Tribute to Eija Koski, Finnish re-use and recycling pioneer. Announcement of films to be shown during the lunch. 8:55-09:00 Ms. Auli Kilpeläinen, representing Kierätysliike, the Finnish NGO Recycling Association and Mr. Juha Lehtikuja, representing Kierratyskeskus, the Finnish Recycling Centre.
Setting the Stage: The Current Situation with Recycling, Re-use and Waste Prevention of Textiles and Used Clothing in Finland. 9:00-10:00 Waiting for the European Commission and the EU: Case study of public, NGO and private textile recycling and and clothing re-use value chains in Finland: Panel of Finnish stakeholders, chaired by Ms. Varpu Näsilä, AFRY
10:00-10:15 Audience participation and discussion with the panel
Coffee and networking break 10:15-10: 45
Technical innovations in sorting, processing for recycling, and energy recovery in the EU 10:45-12:15 3-4 technical presentations curated by Dr. Andreas Bartl,  TU Wien: innovations in fibre recovery, energy recovery, mechanical sorting, Ms. Gunilla Carlsson, SYSAV, plus other speakers and topics to be announced, followed by audience questions and discussion with the panel
Lunch break offered by AFRY — Participants choose topic tables 12:15-13:15 Short films about Kierratyskeskus and Eija Koski;



Mini-Conference Afternoon Re-use and waste prevention
Keynote: Storm Clouds Gathering: Emerging threats to private and charity waste prevention clothing and textile re-use value chains 13:15-13:35 The functioning of the cascades in Europe,  export to Africa & India, Mr. David Roman, in charge of the Clothing Value Chain for the British Heart Foundation
Short presentation: What are “cascades”? 13:35-13:55 Dr. Anne Scheinberg, Chair, WGRWM
Presentation: the realities of collection, trading, sorting, cascading and exporting of clothing and textiles in Italy . 13:55-14:15 Mr. Pietro Luppi, Occhio di Riciclone, Torino, Italy and Cuernavaca, Mexico
Climate impacts of repair and re-use of clothing and household textiles in Europe 14:15-14:35  (Speaker to be identified, from RReuse and/or the OVAM, or made by Mr. Dirk Nelen, VITO)
Import of used clothing for sorting and sale in the Baltic Countries and Turkey: costs and benefits 14:35-14:55 (Speaker to be identified)
Curse or blessing: benefits and costs of the import of used clothing in East Africa, the view from the ground. 14:55-15:15 Dr. Alodia Ishengoma, Tanzania (or other speaker from Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania)
Coffee Break 15:15-15:40 Networking, discussion
Cycling of uniforms and professional clothing in Germany: the Reziprok experience in relation to proposals for EPR and take-back of textiles 15:40-15:55 Professor Dr. Henning Friege, ISWA WGRWM and ISWA Germany
Re-use of textiles in the vintage clothing business in Italy and globally. 15:55-16:10 Ms. Olivia LaRoche, Rome, Italy
Break-out room 1: EU plans for producer responsibility (EPR) in the textile and clothing sector: threat or promise? 16:10-16:40 Discussion chaired by Varpu Näsilä
Break-out room 2: Advice to the European Commission to stimulate innovations in sorting, recycling and energy recovery 16:10-16:40 Discussion chaired by Dr. Andreas Bartl
Break-out room 3: Win-win directions for promoting and managing re-use and fair trade export of textiles in Europe/globally 16:10-16:40 Discussion chaired Mr. David Roman

Resource person: Mr. Pietro Luppi

Break-out room 4: Eco-modulation and pollution prevention vs economic value: tools for clothing and textile policy guidance within and outside the EU 16:10-16:40 Presentation by Dirk Nelen, VITO, Flemish Institute for Technological Research

Resource person: Dr. Henning Friege

Short reports back from Break-out rooms Comments and questions, i

Information on activities on May 7th

16:40-17:15 Moderated by Anne Scheinberg and Varpu Näsilä
Instructions for joining the dinner later in the evening of May 6th 17:15-17:30 Varpu Näsilä
Dinner (self-pay) 19:30-22:00 in Vantaa



May 6
Vantaa, Finland