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Hazardous Waste

The Working Group on Hazardous Waste (WGHW) focuses on the management of hazardous wastes from both industrial and household sources, and the remediation of hazardous waste sites resulting from unacceptable hazardous waste management practices.

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Why join Hazardous Waste Working Group?

If you want to join a global inspiring group of experts and committed for:

  •  A toxic free environment.

  • Chemicals & Wastes approach in compliance with SDG12 (Sustainable Production and Consumption).

  • Devote time to technical and regulatory issues still to be solved all around the world.

  • Share your knowledge and learn from working-group members.

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Nicolas Humez
Nicolas Humez


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Regulatory Affairs Director at SARP Industry.

Claire Papadi
Claire Papadi

Vice Chair

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Business Development Manager at CDMO FAMAR and Waste Management Consultant:

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