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The Working Group on Healthcare Waste (WGHCW) works on promoting the integrated provision of the infrastructure for the safe management of health care waste world-wide, within the framework of the objectives, activities and means of implementation established by Agenda 21 of the United Nations Conference of the Environment and Development. The WGHCW works in cooperation with the World Health Organization as a Non-State Actor.

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Ed Krisiunas
Ed Krisiunas


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Mr. Krisiunas has 37+ years of experience in the health care and waste management industry and has been a member of the ISWA Working Group on Healthcare Waste since the very beginning.

Apart from ISWA, he is involved in projects and presentations at the national and international in 60 countries specifically related to health care waste management, evaluation of medical waste treatment technologies, microbiological efficacy testing of health care waste treatment technologies, development of guidance documents on the selection of treatment technologies, management of pharmaceutical/chemotherapeutic waste, hazardous waste, management of electronic waste, and the development and implementation of national medical waste plans for a number of countries.


Slobodanka Pavlovic
Slobodanka Pavlovic

Vice Chair

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Dr. Slobodanka Pavlovic, doctor of science in environmental protection, is 20 years in the field of education (environmental protection, waste management, environmental education). From the beginning of her academic career, she was engaged in scientific research, knowledge transfer, and quality assurance at higher education institutions. She has 14 years of experience in the sector of waste management, particularly in healthcare waste:

  • Coordination, development, and execution of training in the civil society sector on the importance of proper Healthcare Waste Management and training on the risks associated with HC Wastes when not properly managed/treated.
  • Preparation of legal framework for HCWM in Healthcare facilities in cooperation with public and private HC institutions;
  • Preparation of curricula and training material for safe HCWM;
  • Preparations of new study courses and programs at the University;
  • She is one of the authors of the report “Assessment of the Cytotoxic Waste Management in Western Balkan Countries” which was prepared for the International Waste Management Association (ISWA) in 2020.
  • Currently, she is involved in different projects related to HCW on a national and international level.

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