ISWA Video Gallery

Here are some notable videos from past events, activities and reports. For all of our recent videos, please visit our ISWA YouTube channel.


ISWA World Congress 2019 Impressions

ISWA World Congress 2018 Impressions

ISWA World Congress 2017 Impressions

ISWA World Congress 2016 Impressions One

ISWA Wolrd Congress 2016 Impressions Two

ISWA World Congress 2016 A Walk through the Venue

ISWA General Assembly 2016

ISWA World Congress 2016 Image Video

ISWA World Congress 2015 Impressions

ISWA World Congress 2014 Impressions

ISWA World Congress 2013 Impressions

ISWA World Congress 2012 ISWA President’s Speech

Credits: ABRELPE, ISWA, City of Vienna, ATIA ISWA Italia

Other ISWA Events

Lipor and ISWA WG on Recycling and Waste Minimisation Seminar, 2017

ISWA at IFAT 2016

ISWA Beacon Conference Kuala Lumpur, 2015

ISWA/SWEEP-Net Workshop Tunisia 2013

ISWA NVRD Workshop Jeans Design for Recycling 2013

ISWA Summer School 2012 Vienna, Austria

Credits: ISWA, SWEEP-Net, NVRD, Juanin Munizaga, TU Vienna

Reports and Interviews

Let’s Close the 50 Biggest Dumpsites in the World

Clausuremos Los 50 Más Grandes Basurales Del Mundo

Golden Resource

“The Gates of Hell” FM4 Radio Documentary on #CloseDumpsites

ISWA Task Force on Resource Management

1. Circular Economy: Trends and Emerging Markets report – Martin Brocklehurst

2. Circular Economy: Cycles loops and Cascades – Andreas Bartl

3. Circular Economy: Closing the Loops – Costas Velis

4. Circular Economy: Carbon, Nutrients and Soil – Jane Gilbert

5. Circular Economy: Energy and Fuels – Tore Hulgaard

6. Circular Economy: Resources and Opportunities – Overarching Report of the Task Force

Credits: ISWA, SWEEP-Net, NVRD, Juanin Munizaga, TU Vienna