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Nov 26, 2021 | ISWA blog, ISWA news

On October 27 ISWA hosted “Recycling in the Automotive Industry” during ECOMONDO – the Green Technology Expo in Rimini (Italy).

4 European Projects ISWA involved in joined forces, as ALMAMultiCycleECOBULK and DECOAT provided attendees with a packed program, composed of in-person and hybrid presentations. All interventions highlighted the great innovations on their way to market and provided meaningful information about the challenging work in progress in all the projects. 

The day culminated in a panel discussion, led by Jose Uribe, ISWA’s Operations Director, addressing common issues and thoughts of the projects.  

Furthermore, the presentation held by Vanessa Ventosinos, from CTAG partner, was live streamed in “Walking the Talk Towards a Circular Economy” organised by ECOBULK along with FiberEUse and PlastiCircle. This online seminar celebrated achievements of recent initiatives that work towards making circularity a reality for composite materials. Her presentation “DECOAT: Recycling of coated and painted textile and plastic materials” was given from the ISWA booth at ECOMONDO – the Green Technology Expo in Rimini, Italy. 




Other important topics at Ecomondo from ISWA

Besides the EU project events ISWA, ATIA ISWA and CIC also joined forced to organise an international event, highlighting two of our main topics. They can be re-watched here:

Future of Waste Management Report. Starting at 5.40
Organic Waste Recycling in Mediterranean countries. Starting at 7.28


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