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9 December 2021

Women of Waste (WOW!) Task Force launches Global Survey II

ISWA’s Women of Waste (WOW!) Task Force launch their second Global Survey on December 9 2021.

The WOW! Global Survey II aims to reach 1,000 women, or more, working in the more formalised waste management sector, asking them about their work experience, their ambitions, and what they might need to advance and flourish.


“We know that women, across all countries and backgrounds, have many common aspirations but there also many serious concerns about working in the waste sector, so our second survey is an attempt to measure these on a global level.” explains Maria Tsakona, WOW! Task Force Leader

“At a time when we provide vital services for healthy habitats and the circular economy; it makes no sense for any part of the workforce to be held back. The survey results can help to identify any gaps, barriers, and the priorities that need addressing.”


If you would like to promote the WOW! Global Survey II within your organisation, or network, please contact Georgina Nitzsche at Women of Waste Task Force or just share the link!

The survey is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please select the correct language on the first page of the survey, in the top right-hand side corner.



The Women of Waste Task Force thanks the following people for their time and efforts in making the translations of this survey possible.

Dr. Sonia Dias and WIEGO for translation into Portuguese.

Maria   Asociación para el Estudio de los Residuos Sólidos – ARS, Miembro Nacional de ISWA Venezuela and Margott Sandoval González, DS Latinoamericana.: Gestión de residuos sólido en México, Miembro Nacional de ISWA México for translation into Spanish


9 December 2021