Online Roundtable | “Pay As You Throw” Campaigns


ISWA's Working Group on Communication and Social Issues hosts a roundtable discussion on Pay as You Throw Campaigns. Join this event featuring 3 experts in the waste arenas from Belgium, Croatia and Municipal Waste Europe. Registration is free and open to all.

NVRD Annual Congress

CineCity Vlissingen Vlissingen

The NVRD, ISWA's National Member of The Netherlands, will organise it's annual congress on May 19, 2022.

Stockholm 50+


Stockholm+50 will commemorate the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and celebrate 50 years of global environmental action.

ISWA-SWIS Winter School 2022: Summer Edition!

Arlington & Denton 417 Yates St. Suite, Arlington

ISWA-SWIS two week Winter School. Participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on the potential and challenges of sustainable waste management, including landfill and landfill mining.

Webinar | Waste Wise Education South Asia


ISWA YPG Education WG, together with ISWA YPG’s local chapters of Nepal and Pakistan and Waste Wise Cities is inviting you the Waste Wise Education Webinar in South Asia on 8th of June

Working Group on Landfill Meeting

The Working Group on Landfill (WGL) addresses focuses on the design, construction, regulation and management of landfills, both for industrial and developing nations. Management issues include operations, closure, and post-closure issues, including groundwater monitoring and testing, leachate management, landfill gas management, as well as the quantity and quality of the wastes landfilled. This meeting is […]