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The ISWA Membership is a unique, broad, and representative network of all the stakeholders of the waste management industry from the public, private, academia, young professionals, and all individuals with a passion for waste.

ISWA is funded by and works for its membership. We use your membership fees to further our mission to promote and develop sustainable waste management worldwide and the transition to a circular economy. Bringing you together as members enables us to further this mission.

On this page you will find many great reasons why you and your colleagues should join us.

But if you would like any further information, you are welcome to contact the ISWA Membership team to discuss in more detail. We’re always happy to talk!  

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Be the official representative of ISWA in your country. Join ISWA’s governing body (General Assembly) and vote in the annual meeting. Co-organise ISWA events in your region and join an ISWA Regional Chapter.

Show your business partners and clients that you are committed to professional and sustainable waste management. Join ISWA’s Working Groups and gain exclusive commercial and business development opportunities through ISWA’s unrivalled global network.

Boost your career success and professional development in the solid waste. Develop your network, and build your career through access to ISWA’s magazines, webinars, and exclusive networking opportunities.


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€5.600 P/Y

Recommended for large organisations: 100+ employees.

30 affiliated individual members (including working group access).

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€2.800 P/Y

Recommended for medium organisations: 10-100 employees

20 affiliated individual members (including working group access)

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€1.680 P/Y

Recommended for medium organisations: 10-100 employees

10 affiliated individual members (including working group access).

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50% discount for low-income countries. Join as an Individual Member, and receive a certificate of Membership, unlimited access to Waste Management World Magazine, and Waste Management & Research. Grow your network and get ahead in the waste management industry.

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To qualify for ISWA Student Membership, you must be a full-time student (undergraduate or grad student) under the age of 35 with an interest in environmental sciences, solid waste management or recycling-related professions.

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Follow ISWA’s activities with a basic, digital membership. Get full and unrestricted access to ISWA’s digital knowledge base, join our live webinars, and access the online editions of Waste Management World Magazine.

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